Meat Industry Articles on Africa

Botswana meat importers are warning of potential supply disruption, following the temporary closure of two of the country’s processing facilities.

Butchers in Sunyani are refusing to move into a new abattoir, which was built two years ago.

Conditions at the old dilapidated abattoir are grim, with suggestions that meat processed there poses a health risk to consumers.

Rwanda is helping local firms involved in animal products business to enhance quality of their products to increase sales revenue.

The Selebi-Phikwe Town Council (SPTC) has shutdown down the local abattoir for maintenance purposes. The abattoir will open on January 25th after its closure on the fifth. The facility suffered several shutdowns last year due to factors such as outbreak of measles, an attack by rats on carcasses and its failure to meet the Meat Industries Act.

The Nigerian of Private Veterinary Practitioners (NAPVP) has deplored the poor state of abattoirs in the country, especially the Port Harcourt abattoir in Rivers State as shown in a satellite television, Aljazeera.