OPV reassures on imported meat inspections

The provincial government and authorities concerned are not taking chances with regards to the imported meat for processing in the province like turning them into gastronomic chicharon, said a reliable source of the government.

This came even as words of contaminated imported meat that, not only threatens the industry, but also the very health of the populace-eating meat in the province, are fast spreading around.

Agham party-list Rep. Angelo Palmones, who was the guest and administrator of the induction of officers of Bohol Tri-media Association headed by Mr. Fred Araneta, has alerted Bohol officials regarding this report on meat contamination that reportedly in Cebu.

He told the BTMA that “pork importation will lead to (all) kinds of ailments.” But “pre-empted action is always a better solution rather than waiting for a problem to persist,” he cautioned the officials here.

The Office of the Provincial Veterinarian (OPV) is not downplaying on the report (on imported meat contamination). Provincial veterinarian Dr. Stella Marie Lapez said in an interview that measures are always in place and in order, including the regular quarantine measures.

She said that they see to it that meat entering here must have certificate of meat inspection (COMI) prior to their processing and trading in the province.

Most meat that arrived here are ‘frozen’ in form for processing yet before it can be sold, like chicharon, Lapez said.

Her office is monitoring these products to be able to know the details of the importation like, who is the responsible in the importation and how the meat is being prepared.

She said that no Boholano importer yet has been involved in the importation trade. OPV learned that the importers are mostly from Cebu, she said.

The province is still a FMD-free place for several years now. The provincial government has been and still is vigorous in protecting the meat industry but institutionalizing measures in ports of entry to prevent the entry of the disease.

Foot-and-mouth disease is said to be infectious and a sever plague in animal (cloven-footed) raising, including cattle, sheep, goats, deer and swine.

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