Sunyani abattoir poses health risks

Butchers in Sunyani are refusing to move into a new abattoir, which was built two years ago.

Conditions at the old dilapidated abattoir are grim, with suggestions that meat processed there poses a health risk to consumers.

But the butchers insist that they cannot move into the new one.

From Sunyani, Michael Sarpong Mfum reports the old abattoir emits very offensive odour owing to the poor conditions.

The Secretary of the Butchers Association, Alhaji Baba Yawusu, said the new abattoir is too small to contain all the butchers and that they had contacted the MCE for Sunyani to expand the facility before they will move there.

He said the MCE assured them once the government was done with settling the huge debts left by the previous government, the Sunyani Municipal Assembly will make funds available to expand the new abattoir to be able to accommodate all the butchers.

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