Horse slaughter bill on the agenda

A legislative committee is considering a bill that would set up a state meat inspection agency, which would also pave the way for horse slaughter in Nebraska.

On Tuesday, several people spoke in favor of O'Neill Sen. Tyson Larson's bill (LB305), including horse owners, meat processing operators and ag groups like the Nebraska Cattlemen, Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation and Nebraska Farmers Union.

Proponents of the bill said that without slaughterhouses, old and marginalized horses are often neglected or abandoned.

Critics who testified against the bill Tuesday say slaughtering horses is inhumane.

The last three horse slaughterhouses in the U.S. closed in 2007. Horses are now exported to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. Much of that meat is exported to countries in Europe and Asia for human consumption.

    Lana Lana 05/05/12 11:36

    First of all ..... to those who want 'horse slaughter' GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.
    Who the hell & why does what the 'cattlemans assoc./ farmers union / etc. Have to do with horse slaughter??? Its really none of their business! Horses are not 'food' animals & as far as those 'old, injured, neglected, abused horses. AS a RESPONSIBLE HORSE get your old/ijured horse HUMANELY EUTHANIZED. as for the neglected/abused THOSE OWNERS to be CHARGED/JAILED & remove the horses. ANY & ALL animal abuseres MUST be held accountable. CHANGE THE LAWs if it's not the case. Support the rescues that feed & care for them. Do you honestly think horses should have their heads cut off because they have an ignorant arrogant IDIOT for an owner?? Come on, what kind of society is this??

    Virginie Devigne Virginie Devigne 05/05/12 21:39

    It is inhuman to kill horses for meat! Depraved people killing their loyal friends to make profit out of their flesh!

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