Bioenergy Articles on Slaughtering

Removal of feed and water from market-aged broilers and turkeys before catch and live haul is a standard management practice that has been used by the poultry industry for many years. The primary reason for holding birds off feed before processing is to allows time for the birds' digestive tracts to become empty before they enter the processing plant. With proper feed withdrawal, there is a reduction in carcass contamination, carcass reprocessing (washing and trimming) and carcass condemnations during processing. Thus, length of feed withdrawal has a significant effect on product safety, quality and yield.

Effective methods of pork carcass evaluation are based on the pork industry's desire to improve productivity and product quality. Carcass evaluation is essential in determining carcass value differences at the market place. The pork producer must be concerned about production of edible pork which is acceptable by the consumer. In addition, this product must be of acceptable quality for the meat processor.

Pork carcass evaluation systems that are used in swine improvement programs and carcass contests should place major emphasis on those traits that contribute most to the economic value of the carcass. For this reason, major emphasis is usually given to those factors that are good indicators of lean yield.