Meat and milk processors trained in Rwanda

Rwanda is helping local firms involved in animal products business to enhance quality of their products to increase sales revenue.

Milk and milk processing firms received training on milk and milk products processing requirements while meat and meat processing firms undertook training on meat and meat processing requirements.

In the milk category, 75 participants attended the training while the meat category attracted 20 participants.

Trainees received both theory and practical lessons relevant to their businesses. Rwanda Bureau of Standards (RBS) carried out the trainings while Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) provided the funding.Mr Jean Pierre Bajeneza, an officer in charge of Market surveillance at the RBS who conducted the training said it helps the businesses to enhance quality of their products, which also helps them to generate more revenue.

"As the bureau of standards, we have seen many challenges in terms of ensuring safety, health, hygiene and processing. In these trainings, we try to emphasise food hygiene and standards requirements," Mr Bajeneza said.

Last year, JICA sponsored Mr. Bajeneza to attend a three months training on utilisation and preservation techniques of animal products held in Japan.

Rwanda has a fast growing food processing industry, which needs to deliver high quality products in order to compete aggressively with other foreign products both on the local and regional markets.

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