Vacuum Packing Machine BVPJ-1090

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BVPJ series Vacuum Packing Machine is suitable for vacuum(air inflation) packing of plastic film bags, composite film bags and aluminum foil bags. It can pack solid ,semi-liquid and liquid materials that can keep product freshness by insulating oxygen, increase storage term of product. The BVPJ-680 vacumm packing machine is especially advantage because of its sealing length, wide row distance, big vacuum chamber and exhaust speed. It is suitable for packing large capacity product. It is an ideal vacuum packing device for big mass meat procution such as chicken, ducks, etc. BVPJ-980 series vacuum packing mahcine adopts chain stepping drive for continuous packing, it is an ideal vacuum packing machine for large food processing factories. Vacuum pakcing machine cloud adopt imported vacuum pump according to the requirement of customer.

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