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Chr. Hansen supplies innovative, well-researched and effective products, with the specific aim of providing reliable solutions to the animal health and nutrition industry worldwide. Reliability for us means that our products consistently improve the performance of animal production. Chr. Hansen's Animal Health and Nutrition products provide livestock producers with solutions that maintain a healthy and balanced intestinal microflora that can result in better profitability.

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A Focus on BioPlusŪ 2B BioPlusŪ 2B is an in-feed probiotic that beneficially effects the balance of the intestinal flora of pigs. Maintaining the integrity of the gastro-intestinal flora affects increased weight gain, improved feed conversion and increased viability of pigs of all ages: piglets, grower-finishers and sows. BioPlusŪ 2B provides a reliable solution for pig producers. It has been proven in more than 40 scientifically designed and controlled trials that BioPlusŪ 2B significantly improves pig production when used in feed for sows, piglets, grower and finisher pigs. BioPlusŪ 2B consistently improves pig production In piglets and grower-finisher pigs BioPlusŪ 2B increases liveweight gain and improves feed conversion. When fed to sows BioPlusŪ 2B reduces preweaning mortality and increases weaned litter weight. When used in piglet feed BioPlusŪ 2B improves feed conversion on average by 5% and weight gain by 10%. Through stabilizing the intestinal flora the use of BioPlusŪ 2B effects reduction in piglet diarrhoea and enhanced viability. When sows are fed rations with BioPlusŪ 2B, piglet mortality is reduced from an average 10-13% to 7% and weight loss of the sows is reduced as well. Latest research show significant increase in litter size at weaning of approximately 8% and a significant decrease in preweaning piglet mortality by 5% when BioPlusŪ 2B is given to lactating sows.

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