Cost blowout delays abattoir reopening

The abattoir in Young, NSW will not be operating again by April as planned, because costs to clean up the plant and expand its pig processing floor have blown out.

The local Council approved a development application in November for the BE Campbell group to carry out multi million dollar works to the abattoir.

The plans include a new cool room, covered livestock stalls, car park and heavy truck bay.

An expansion of the pig processing floor is also part of the works to bring the abattoir up to industry standards.

The abattoir's Operations Manager, Eddy Jones, says he's called for tenders and hopes to have a company appointed to begin the work in April.

He says five staff are still working on cleaning up the plant which closed last February, leaving 300 workers without a job.

Mr Jones says local tradesmen will be given priority for the work, and he hopes the abattoir will re-open by July.

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