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Heard said its bad for you, because its "processed" and has high sodium content. What about regular packaged meat like chicken, hamburg, steak, etc etc.

do you understand the word bias - -
"Bad" - - judgmental - - "processed" - - most all food is processed somehow whether at the plant or your home - - just hype
people have irrational misconceptions. .
Think - - humans have been making sausage (sandwich meat) forever. .
added salt is a preservative - - today they use chemicals

processed meat can be two things, all sort of chicken bits all grinded together and formed into that lump you see them cut it from, and then sliced into deli meat
or completely different substances formed into chicken pieces and flavored and sold to you saying its chicken when it really really isnt
all the sodium you're talking about is to assist the new "formed chicken" to last a long time, since its not fresh.. you see them plastic wrap it and leave it til its allll done, which could be over a week.. who knows?
fresh meat, packaged, is in the poultry and meat section.. such as whole chicken brests, and steaks and what not, you see the muscle fiber tear apart when its cooked.
now rotisserie chickens are not processed meat, its still a whole bird.
when they cut it all up into bits and pieces and manufacture it in a factory.. is when you have processed meat.
AND it is by far best to stay away from pretty much all processed foods.

they call sandwich meat processes because the artificial sandwich meat actually is processed so when you go to the supermarket get the real thing.


The shape of meat in the deli in no way resembles the original piece of meat. It has been ground and had water and salt added and shaped into a loaf. Does that look normal.

It's always puzzled me. Back home, burgers are burgers and sandwiches are sandwiches. In North America, why do even the burger chains call burgers sandwiches? And why do they call a meat patty a burger even though it's not a whole burger? Any ideas?

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