Poultry & Livestock Middle East Exhibition

Dubai International Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE
March 29, 2011 to March 31, 2011

The Middle East is a significant consumer markets for poultry, dairy & livestock products and continues to grow as tourism and business sectors flourish in the region. In addition, a number of animal species such as camels, goats and horses play an important part in the regional livestock markets based upon cultural and recreational pursuits. Currently, the region largely relies on imports to satisfy an aggregate demand estimated at more than 1.5 million MT of poultry alone. The rich diversity in cultural influences has augmented the demand from the hotel and restaurant industry, substantially due to the presence of tourists all year around, in addition to a large expatriate community. More than 600f the total meat requirements of the region are met through imports. For example, UAE's domestic production satisfies only 200f the total UAE poultry demand, thus demonstrating a huge market potential. Saudi Arabia enjoys the world's second highest per capita consumption for poultry products. Huge investment opportunities are present not only for the suppliers of meat, poultry & dairy products, but the strong poultry and other livestock industries within the region create lucrative trade opportunities for local and international suppliers.


Dubai International Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE
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