Europe's biggest meat and milk plant planned

Konya Şeker A.Ş. (Konya Sugar) has plans to build Europe’s biggest meat and milk production plant this year in an investment totaling $100 million.

Recep Konuk, the chairman of the Union of Sugar Beet Growers’ Production Cooperative (PANKOBİRLİK), AB Holding and Konya Şeker, told the Anatolia news agency that the meat and milk production plant, costing approximately $100 million, will be built on 350,000 square meters of land. He noted that they had completed the tender for the machinery and technology to produce meat and milk.

“The plant will be the biggest in Europe and the third biggest meat and milk production plant in the world,” Konuk said. Konuk stated that the meat sector needs improvement if people want to buy meat at more reasonable prices. “We need to produce more meat and milk in order to drive prices down,” he noted. “With Europe’s most modern plant, the livestock sector in Konya will double or even triple.”

Konya Şeker imported Angus cows from Australia in June 2010, in addition to 1,000 Holstein cows from the United States. The head of Konya Şeker mentioned that they plan to reach 50,000 cows in five years by importing livestock from various countries. Konuk underlined that their meat and milk production will start this year. The meat and milk products of Konya Şeker will be sold under the name Kırmızı-Beyaz (Red-White), which refers to meat (red) milk (white).

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