Cattle rescued from illegal slaughter house

Seven animals were rescued from an illegal slaughter house at Shetyevaddo, Duler in Mapusa by members of two NGOs and the police in a joint operation on Friday morning.

Three bullocks, an identical number of calves, including two female ones and an injured cow were seized and later handed over to the Panaji animal welfare society (PAWS) in the city.

"The condition of the injured cow was pitiable as it had a festering wound," said Amrut Singh from the Animal Rescue Squad (ARS).

After receiving a tip off that a trader, Gauns Mainudin alias Ghani Bepari was illegally slaughtering cattle in a small room in his property near the newly-constructed district hospital, ARS, Bharat Svabhiman and the Mapusa police team lay in wait around 3am. "Bepari would start the slaughter around 4am so we waited outside," Singh added.

But before he began his work, the raiding team entered the place and rescued the animals. The police arrested Bepari and seized the weapons used for the slaughter. Five horns and some skin were recovered from the room. Further investigations are in progress.

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