Philippine meat processors attract attention

  Last Updated: Friday 9th of July 2010 10:15:00 PM +0800HKT

Philippine food manufacturers continue to attract attention in the international food industry slicing a niche in the global food marketplace with exciting and delicious food ideas.

A testament to the Filipino's flair for creating food products is Mofels Food International Corporation. Driven by their goal to be recognized as a leader in the food industry, Mofel went out of their way to come up with exciting food products at par with the world's best.

From its institution in 1992 the company has invested on state-of-the-art equipment that first assisted them in providing quality assistance as a toll packer for popular local meat brands such as Purefoods and Swift hotdogs and Philips sausages. Using their expertise in providing quality packaging services, the company geared itself towards the next level of manufacturing its own brand. Now, Mofel is a major producer and exporter of processed meat, vegetables, fruits, and marine products.

Their successful transition from service provider to a trusted food manufacturer paved the way for more exciting deals. Likewise, the 2010 edition of the International Food Exhibition (IFEX) Philippines helped them realize one of their most important goal – to be global.

Through the successful display of their food products in IFEX Philippines, Mofel's name goes as far as United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, and the Middle East, bearing world-class caliber range of products such as fruit juices, canned foods, processed meat, marine food products, frozen foods, sauces, spices and seasonings, to name a few.

It is also during IFEX 2010 when Mofel introduced some new additions in their food line like fish hotdog and frozen vegetables, that also caught the attention of international buyers making Mofels one of the best sellers in the recently concluded food event.

"We are glad to be part of a good show. Through IFEX Philippines, we gained new customers and learned valuable trade information," shared Jojo Requesto, Sales and Marketing Director of Mofels Food International Corporation.

"By utilizing the innate ingenuity of the Filipinos, we will constantly enhance the quality of our products to meet the increasing demands of the global market," he added.

As proof of their commitment to excellence, Mofels strictly adheres to the standards set by USFDA, HALAL, HACCP, BFAD, DoH, DoLE and other government and non-government food regulatory entities. The company's processing plant in Cavite and Tarlac are equipped with the most modern facilities for food manufacturing and meat processing.

The International Food Exhibition (IFEX) Philippines 2010 featured more than 300 exciting and quality local and foreign food manufacturers offering a wide array of gastronomic pleasures. On its 7th offering, the show welcomed more than 5,000 international and local discerning buyers and visitors from different regions such as the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, and North America and generated US$65.5 million worth of sales.

"The information that we exchange, and the connection that we made is what partnership is all about, It is great doing business with IFEX Philippines," shared by Ran Farkash, buyer from Israel.

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